• Where can we use quartz?

    One of the most popular applications for quartz is as a kitchen countertop. This is because of the material’s resistant to heat, stain and scratches, crucial characteristics for a hardworking surface that is constantly exposed to high temperatures. Some quartz, have also obtained an NSF (National...
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  • How to choose the best worktop for your kitchen

     We’ve spent so much time in our kitchens over the past 12 months it’s the one area of the home getting more wear and tear than ever before. Choosing materials that are easy to keep and that are going to last should be a high priority when planning a kitchen makeover. Worktops needs to be extreme...
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    Imagine you can finally buy those gorgeous white with gray veins quartz countertops without having to worry about stains or annual maintenance for your kitchen. Sounds Unbelievable right? No dear reader, please believe it. Quartz made this possible for all homeowners and...
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